A friend of mine started posting 3 things that he was grateful of everyday for 30 days on Facebook. Reading his postings everyday gave me joy. His gestures of appreciation nudged me to think of the things that I was grateful of as well at those moments. It was a very interesting exercise. When I decided to honor all these items, events, or people with gratitude, I sensed my heart opened up and everything within me softened. All my angst and intensity inside melted away. Some of these events were not pleasant when they happened. But later,  I realized they actually came with gift of big learning and experience. When I decided to be grateful of their occurrence, I no longer viewed them negatively.

The more I show my gratitude toward, the happier and calmer I feel within.


Today, I am very grateful:

  • to my ex-partner. The relationship with him was a stepping stone to an opened door which led to an amazing journey of self-realization and discovery. It prepared me for the current love relationship and marriage.
  • of a great meeting with a product sales rep.
  • of a great dinner prepared by my forever loving husband. I emailed him a photo I took of a recipe and I came home to eat it. I am totally spoiled.

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