This morning, I came across an article on Nick Vujicic in the paper. Nick was born without any limbs I had seen a YouTube video of him a while back and not taken much note of him. I googled him again and found a YouTube video of him on Oprah.

A minute into watching the video, it hit me that I had unconsciously left out the most powerful mantra on my pursue of happiness! The mantra is “I have a CHOICE.” Perhaps, choice is the main driving force behind everything that I did not even think about it. I don’t know if it is what some people call an unconscious competent action. Any way, choice is more powerful when it is acted from a conscious state because I am consciously choosing. NO one makes me unhappy.

As Nick said that life gave him no arms and legs, there is nothing he can do about that. But he can choose what he is going to do without limbs rather than living with “if only I had limbs” state of mind. WOW! That was powerful.

Things happen every day that cause me to stress and worry and be unhappy. Some of these things are beyond my control. So when these things happened, they happened. They are over and gone. In the past. Nothing I can do to undo them. BUT, I have the choice of  what I am going to do with myself.

Murray graduated from grad school and is looking for work. My mind often wanders into “what if he does not get a job?” land. I begin to worry and I feel unhappy. I am choosing to think that the right job has not show up yet. It will be here when the time is right. What matters most is I am with him. We have each other now.

I am HAPPY now. Thank you Nick for that nudge.

Please share your journey and stories of pursue of happiness here.


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