Rolfing 2

Session 5 

Feb 28/15

I flew back yesterday morning from Brunei. My neck and shoulders were so stiff. I was glad that I had my session 5 scheduled for this morning.

The last sessions focused on the outer edge of the body and today was about the inner core, i.e. the tummy and neck. It was the most painful session to date for me. My core muscles were so tight. My rolfer began on loosening the muscles “cradling” the tummy, i.e. from edges of the rib cage and the front pelvic bone and then the muscles on each side of the centre (above the belly button). The after effects were gorgeous, my tummy was looser and I can breathe freely.

At one point when my rolfer said,”let go of the those that are no longer serving you,” and immediately the stiff area that he was working on just melted away. I gathered that a lot of times, I involved muscles that are not needed for doing certain things. The good example is my shoulders. This afternoon while I was on my bike, I caught my shoulders bunching up while riding.I relaxed and dropped them and I could still stay on the bike.

While I was on the table, I thought of  behaviours that I have that absolutely do not serve me or support a positive daily living. For example : making up stories why people do things (to me) the way they do. What a waste of time and energy. I am not a psychic. How could I possibly know what is going on in other people’s mind! Another good one is convincing others are wrong. Why bother? Why can both sides be equally right? When I was home with my family over the Chinese New Year Holidays, I had seen tears and anger surfaced out of screaming matches because both parties needed to be right. I finally said,”You are right and you are also right. Let’s move on.” That broke the tension immediately. I see that the need to be right does not lead me to happiness.

At the end of the session, my homework is about learning to walk involving the pelvis. It brings a lot of fluidity to the walking motion. The spine undulates slightly as well. “oiling” this engine well means that I will have much “fluid” body in my old age!



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