A couple of weeks ago, I listened in a radio interview of a graphic artist talking about his show/exhibition based on his personal search on happiness. It made me questioned on my relationship with happiness. What is happiness? What is it to me? What does it feel like when I am happy?
Happiness is a state of mind reached when certain condition has been met, whether it is a plate of food; achieving a goal; doing or having something or nothing. For some, it could be about undoing everything. In other words, it is a very personal journey.
I believe we were born intrinsically happy. When was the last time you encountered a miserable new born? When the conditions leading to the attainment of happiness were not met, babies began to experience unhappiness. Over the course of growing up, the list of our needs for happiness grew to an overwhelmingly extend that it is hard for us to fulfill all of them. We forgot to feel happy when one requirement on the list was met. For example, “it is not just having your favorite meal. It has to be organic now. Or a once upon a time small gift from someone that would send us giggling over the moon now has to be more elaborate or expensive.” We tell ourselves that we will only be happy if we finally have a, b, c, d, and…………….
Now, we need to unlearn everything to learn how to be happy, to be in touch with something that we left behind in our childhood.
Welcome to the Renaissance of Happiness.

This blog serves as my declaration to the universe of my personal journey to re-learn how to be happy. It is also a structure to keep myself on track. I hope to meet like minded folks that are on similar path for sharing, support and laughter.


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