A Learning from Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday DHUC

I am a buddhist who loves (Christian) sacred music. And I am a member of the  chancel choir of the Dunbar Heights United Church in Vancouver.

We all know that Good Friday – Easter Sunday is about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This Ester I was able to draw learnings from it for better living. It makes me think about my behaviours, doings, ways of thinking that do not support in making this world a better place. I now see crucifixion as a symbol to put an end to all these useless deeds. Resurrection is about bringing forth the compassion and unconditional love to all within me. Wait a minute! Unconditional love. What does that mean? And how am I to love unconditionally? Have I loved unconditionally?

Let’s start to peel the onion, a layer at a time.

Layer 1: So I learned Jesus associated with everyone and anyone. He dined with the rich and poor, the good and the bad, the young and the old, those with health and those with illness. I am sure he dined with members of GBLT of his days. He welcome anyone that came to him.

Layer 2: For him to be able to be with all probably means that he had absolutely no judgement of those that came to him. I bet he had the ability to see the flame of good in everyone (good or evil). In other words, he was able to hold everyone big and able.

Layer 3 : And finally he forgave all those that had trespasses against him. And I also think most likely he was able to love for those who condemned him and nailed him to death.

O my God…. This is getting bigger and bigger and YET, it appears very simple. Love and forgive all! DAUNTING.

I think my first step could be working on forgiving all those that I feel had done me wrong(big or small). I think for now, that could be a precursor to unconditional love? To make this powerfully sticky (like the dog poo you stepped on or the chewing gum you sat on), I need to look that the values behind forgiveness.

I think forgiveness will lead to less negative mind chatting>letting go of grudges>less anger>less judgement>peace> freedom> lightness>happiness>openness> inclusive of all> ……..  It is looking like there is a lot of good values in letting go of grudges!

I will work on forgiving small stuff first. One baby step at a time.

Suggestions and tips welcome.



Get set, GO Feb 03/2013

When I first started to examine my happiness, I realized my happiness was all linked to past event. I could easy think of times in the past that I felt happy such as the day I got married; the two years that I backpacked around the world etc. my happiness is never about NOW!

So what does happiness feel like? I don’t know. I am not even sure one can describe the feeling. I think happiness could be a state of mind. This state of mind is an end product of a set of many conditions. And everyone has their own set. In other words, what make me happy may not make you happy.

My first step was to find out what don’t I need or what not needs to happen for me to be in touch with happiness. The first thing that jump out of me was WORRY. Yes, I would feel happy if I do not worry. It may not be possible not to have any worries at all as long as I am still alive but I am not totally discounting that possibility. I started asking myself, “Am I worrying now?” If I did not feel that I was worrying, I would say to myself,” I am happy NOW“. For that moment, I was happy because nothing was bothering me. I didn’t care about the next minute. I was more focus on my state of being at the moment. As I am typing out this blog, I feel that I am not worry about anything at all. So I am happy now.

After about 2 weeks, it became quite habitual. I would check in quite periodically throughout the day at my worry/happiness meter. By naming those worry free moments with “I am happy now”, I realized that a) I was actually making a mark or a gauge of my sense or feeling of happiness; and b) I was declaring that I was still on track. At this point, my happiness is a result of calmness. I understand this is only one layer and there will be more as I discover more in the future. I was also surprised that I was worry free 90% of the whole last 2 week. So I could say that I was 90% happy for that period. In that, I could say that “I am quite happy most of the time”.

So, what will I do or what will happen if something huge happens that pushes me completely off the center? How can I remain happy in bad times? I don’t know. I will deal with that when the time comes. For now, at this moment, I am very happy.