A great gift

Photographer: PW Lai
Photographer: PW Lai

One of my closest friend’s father passed away last week. I had been a bystander observing how she had been dealing with her father’s declining health over the last few years. The closeness between them reminded me of that I had with my father. My father had pass on for over 30 years. I see now how much my father had loved and cherished me. As a younger man then, I may not be compliant to the ways my dad had showed me his affection, but now as an older man, I really got it – they were his ways. They were the only ways that he knew to show his caring and love toward me. Right now, my heart is completely filled with love from my father. I made my peace.

My friend’s father is a bundle of joy. He ignited the kid in me. I did not know him well. I saw him as a free-spirited bubble bouncing around with laughter. Uncle, thank you for giving me the permission to be that as well. I am happy to have known you in this life time.

I am deep grateful of my friend in sharing with me her journey with her father. Her journey allows me to be prepared and in touch of inevitable passing of those close to me in the future. And perhaps, in dealing with my own eventual journey.

I am happy tonight.